Mi Vida Loca Lyrics


FROST - Mi Vida Loca Lyrics

Hey vato, that shit was pretty dope, A! But uh, kick another rola for
homeboys, A! - Kid
*tsk* alright look man. I'm gonna kick the first, but for the
of this shit man you're gonna have to wait for hour three loco. Mi
Loca! - Frost
Listen, Listen - Rich Garcia
(1 - Frost)
Mi Vida Loca, my crazy life
and as I describe how crazy my life is
or should I say my life before
I opened the doors
to the world of show biz
I was a troubled kid
I never gave a second thought to the things I did
quick to get up off on them fools who run up
down for any situation that would come up
zero tolerance which means I put up with nada
I'm rolling on the boulevard with the raza
If you were cool, I was cool, cool
trip, I gotta act the fool
school you quicker than your school teacher
no split decision I straight cold beat ya
with bare hands I grab you around your throat and choke ya
don't mess with my crazy life, mi vida loca
my crazy life
at the age of twelve I started packing a knife
back then, gangbanging was all but fun
at the age of fourteen I started packing a gun
it was a .32 Berretta
and there was no way in hell that I would ever let a
dumb punk sissy start talking smack
or work with a smirk and peel this cap
quicker than your ass could peel an orange
give me a reason any reason little boy it's on
it's like that I'm not afraid to provoke ya
my crazy life, mi vida loca
(listen) mi vida loca (listen, listen)
(2 - Rich Garcia)
Chicano groove, latin thang
make you move, make you sing, la vida
so let's keep it cool, don't you know
ghetto band, chicano soul, la vida

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FROST - Mi Vida Loca