Ass Clap Lyrics

Project Pat

Project Pat - Ass Clap Lyrics

(2 times)
make dat ass clap make it snap(talk to me now!)
make dat ass smack when i slap (talk to me now!)
if you is the baddest, booty the fattest
let me hear you holla out i yi yi
itz ya boy p-a-tza, knowin how to please her
hit from the back cuz these girls off the heeza
bend over i'm strokin' yo but gets a pokin
the hydro is smokin, the nut in ya throat
'till yo booty exploadin' all round the rooma
my thang full of gin so the pud be a doomda
assume the position, mug in the pillow
hand on the head board best not to let go
yo hand may end slippin, head gets a crackin'
i'm all on that kitten, back gets a smackin
a-doggin, a-slappin my thang in ya stomach
no food fo' we drank so you's bout to vomit
you swear you could take it so baby don't fake it
let's go'on get a room get high and get naked
you say that you real and you claimin the hoody
tha rubber to thang and my thang in yo puddy
it's goldmouth, stackin dollars
where ya sister at cuz she swallors
big juicy fat i must hollers
see you in yo pants i may follers(follow)
wearin' tight clothes make ya'll scholars
freaky young broads that love ballers
hesitate to talk nigga stallers
you can let the steam out yo collars
love gettin stuck on four hours
ja-cu-zi, livin' room, showers
nipples on hard some big knockers
eyes got bigger than blue blockers
cucci real tight like school lockers
treat a lame dude like a true sucka
most gonna pay cuz they love her
dog anyway i will knock her
there she go, there she go
with them g's and strings
my nigga don't you know she'll do some things
droppin' that to the flo', bendin' knees and bows
poke it out, let it hang, then touch ya toes
never shame in her game, it's just like a bitch
she will suck on that thang like some lic-o-rich
it'll snap crackle pop, call me captain crunch
got me balled in a knot, ate me up for lunch
their booty's are big-n good for the hittin'
thick like a rhino can do a split-n
you'll get a stickin' like in a flick-n
hit the right spot then cum start drippin'
a-flirty a-skirty areiva a-derche
you screamin to stop, i'm showin' no mercy
wake up kinda early
yo' breath smellin perky
you try kissin me and you needin a cert-y

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