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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue - Jump Lyrics

Simple Plan - Jump

I don't wanna wake up today
Cause everyday's the same
And I've been waiting so long
For things to change
I'm sick of this town
Sick of my job
Sick of my friends
Cause everyone's jaded
Sick of this place
I wanna break free
I'm so frustrated
I just wanna jump JUMP!
Don't wanna think about tomorrow JUMP!
I just don't care tonight
Don't wanna think about my sorrow
Let's go, whoa!
Forget your problems
I just wanna jump
I don't wanna wake up one day
And find out it's too late
To do all the things I wanna do
So I'm gonna pack up my bags
I'm never coming back
Cause the years are passing by
And I'm wasting all my ti-time
I'm sick of this house
I'm sick of being broke
I'm sick of this town that's bringing me down
I'm sick of this place
I can't take it anymore
Can't take it, can't take it
Forget tomorrow
I just let them go, whoa!
I just wanna jump!

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