3 Peat Lyrics

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne - 3 Peat Lyrics

Yessir! They can't stop me, even if they stopped me
I'm on it, ooh, I'm on it
I'm so on it, and however you want it
You can get it tonight ho, and all night ho
I get the beat from (Maestro), fuckin' right ho

I might go crazy on these niggas, I don't give a motherfuck
Run up in a nigga house and shoot his grandmother up
What! What! I don't give a motherfuck
Getcha baby kidnapped and ya baby-mother fucked
It's tha Carter 3, bitch, better put your supper up
Hollygrove I throw it up like I'm trying to lose my gut
Fuck is up? Beat him up like a million uppercuts
Got a million duffled up for the fuck of it, shit
Get on my level? you can't get on my level
You would need a space shuttle or a ladder that's forever
However, I'm better, if not now then never
Don't you ever fix your lips unless you bout to suck my dick, bitch!
Swallow my words, taste my thoughts
And if it's too nasty, spit it back at me
2 more inches, I'd have been in that casket
According to the doctor I could have died in traffic
Bounce right back on them bitches like Magic
Abracadabra I'm up like Viagra
I just do this shit for my clique like Adam Sandler
I control hip-hop and I'mma keep it on my channel
Watch me, bitch, watch me
Bitch watch me! But they cannot see me
Like Hitler, it's the New Orleans Nightmare
Money so old it's growing white hair
Young Money, baby, yeah we right here
I'mma make sure we ball 'til we fall like tears
And mama, don't cry, your son can handle his
I got her out the hood and put her in the hills
Yeah, when I was 14, I told my mom we will see better days
And sure enough I got Miss Cita in a better place
When I was 14 I told my mom we will see better days
And sure enough, we did exactly what I say
I told my girl "when you fuck me, better fuck me good
Cause if another girl could, she gonna fuck me good"
No sitting at the table if you bringing nothing to it
And I get straight to it like it's nothing to it
Yeah, I got game like Stuart Scott
Fresh out the ESPN shop
And when SportsCenter poppin' everything stoppin'
But you can't fool me, I know what you watching
Me! You watch me, you watch me, cause I be
Weezy, must see, T.V, C3
Nigga that's me and I'm me, I'm me times 3
So retreat or suffer defeat
I'm back 3-peat, C3

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