Backpackers Lyrics

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino - Backpackers Lyrics

Alright it's Childish baby
Mr. Talk-about-his-dick-again
Nerdy ass black kid
Whatever man I'm sick of him
That well spoken token
Who ain't been heard
The only white rapper who's allowed to say the n-word
I buy a bunch of 'em and put it on my black card
Now I got some street cred
Use it 'til it's maxed out
I got a girl on my arm dude, show respect
Something crazy, an Asian, Virginia Tech
She too fine
I do dimes
If not that, I'm walking out with 2 fives
Change my ID for the cops, it's not enough yet
Black male in short shorts, I'm double suspect
Ballin' since '83
Half of 'em say he gay
Maybe that's the reason I like Lady What-baby's-say
I'm a problem
I'm lame as fuck homie
But I rap like these niggas ain't got shit on me
Fuck the cool kids
Not Chuck Inglish, but people who think
That hatin on me makes them distinguished
Like, "What is this nigga doin rap is for real blacks
I hate that fucking faggot man he think that we feel that"
"I wrote on rape culture my junior year at Brown
So I'm allowed
To say what all his raps are about"
You better shut your mouth
Before I fuck it
You really hate my lyrics now?
Or Kid Cudi's? Nigga

Runnin this thang
Money insane
Busy getting brain like Krang
What, what's my name in the woods got these niggas usin' Mapquest
Man, fuck a backpacker

Nigga's with OCD, N-W-O
All white like my clothes, CW shows
Nigga got signed, its an anomily
No cosine, trigonometry
Man these niggas hate me
"Man, fuck you nigga... fuck you nigga!"
They real black like won't show up on your camera phone
They real black like turn the flash on your camera on
They real black take shit, turn it into gold
I'm real black I survive when the pressure on
Upper echelon, bit my lip when I'm kissin' her
Clash of the titans
Baby, your tits is titular
Listenin to some KISS FM, she wanna hear Nicki Minaj
Super Bass, super face inside a garage
It's not a massage
Spa rap with a happy ending
Old niggas wanna assassinate me
It's a shame
These kids was supposed to save rap
Fuck that, boat shoes and a wave cap
He dont give back, how the fuck can niggas say that?
Summer in November I gave everyone a Maybach
Comin' on that payback
Comin' on that mace took
I'm comin' on that real shit
Fuck a backpacker with a rhino's dick
I do me like a gyno chick, uh

Runnin this thang
Money insane
Busy getting brain like Krang
What, what's my name in the woods got these niggas usin' Mapquest
Man, fuck these backpackers

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