Starved Lyrics

Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris - Starved Lyrics

To starve and see all around us
The feast is ready to serve
Now enjoy the taste of reality
Seasons of change - how will you be replaced?
This isn't as easy as you think
Get on your knees
It's hard to see the truth in all of your lies
It's a memory to me
It's not gonna take any longer
Get rady to move along
The movements on
This is your deficienty
I'm starving here to give me peace
It's all around us but still we search
I see you there now I'm on fire
What you think is right is fucked - It makes no sense
What do you think I believe?
In this life - let me take you to a new atmosphere
In this world
Time for a start - I now begin
Who is coming with me?
I'm ready to go back home
I'm not living the way I should
This seems to be my destiny - my reality
This seems to be my destiny - this is my fucking life
Nightmares of the future
I'm left alone uncontrolled

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