Girl Blue Lyrics

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder - Girl Blue Lyrics

Hello Morning, good, good morning to the one I love,
Crystal Ringlets paint a picture of a gold sunrise above.

Little girl you're sad,
Though all you have,
is visible to you.
Within your heart
there stays a part
That like the sky is blue.

Shifting breezes,
grace the inner spectrum of your glance.
Leaves on branches,
for your pleasure, perform a soothing dance.

Little girl it seems
in all my dreams
Your happiness is due.
But still they last,
their in your past
Events that make you blue.

Thoughts of love are in your mind,
Yet splintered hopes push them aside.
A look at life is what you need to try.

In an instant there'll be sunshine,
sprinkled every place.
Drops of rain will kiss the softness of your lovely face.

Little girl be fair
Show yourself you care,
let others care for you.
Before it's too late,
Cause time won't wait,
Till your heart's no longer blue.

Little girl be smart,
Don't break your own heart,
There is love waiting for you.
Before it's too late
Cause time won't wait,
Til your heart's no longer blue.

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