Superman Lyrics

Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating - Superman Lyrics

Ronan Keating

[email protected] been heading in the wrong direction
Hiding from my own protection
Running but my heart was standing still
I guess you saw the light inside me
Your love has been a torch to guide me
I hope I can be all that you deserve

Well [email protected] no superman

But [email protected] love you that best I can

And you know [email protected] just flesh and bones,

but with you I feel [email protected] flying

[email protected] you know [email protected] no superman

But [email protected] always be your man

I was searching for a heart [email protected] beating
As fast as the way [email protected] feeling
Trying to find some peace there in my soul
You know it was your love that saved me
The answer to my prayers you gave me
And I hope [email protected] be all you deserve

[email protected] fight for you
[email protected] die for you
You know I would
Hold back the night,
light up the sky
Oh if I could,

[email protected] always be your man...yeah

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