You're The Man Lyrics


Nas - You're The Man Lyrics

Uh uh, yo
They plan was to knock me out the top of the game
But i overstand they truth is all lame
I hold cannons that shoot balls of flames
Right in they fat mouth then i carve my name
Nas - too real, nas - true king
It's however you feel, g'head, you swing
Your arms too short to box with god
I don't kill soloists only kill squads
Fame went to they head, so now it's fuck nas
Yesterday you begged for a deal, today you tough guys
I seen it comin
Soon as i popped my first bottle i spotted my enemies tryna' do what i do
Came in with my style, so i fathered you
I kept changin on the world since ...barbeque
Now you wanna hang with niggas i hung with
Fuck bitches i hit, it's funny i once said...
If i, ever make a record
I take a check and put something away for a rainy day to make my exit
But look at me now, ten years deep
Since the project,
I never asked to be top of rap's elite
Just a ghetto child tryna' learn the traps of the streets
But look at me now

you're the man you're the man
you're the man you're the man
you're the man you're the man
you're the man you're the man
you're the man you're the man

But wait a sec', give me time to explain, women and fast cars
And diamond rings can poison a rap star
It's suicidal, how i smoke in so much la'
I saw a dead bird flyin through a broken sky
Wish i could flap wings and fly away
To where black kings and ghana stay
So i could get on my flesh right away
But that'll be the day when it's peace
When my gat don't need to spray
When these streets are safe to play
Sex with death, indulge in these women
Vision my own skeleton swimmin in eternal fire
Broads play with pentagrams in they vagina
Like the exorcist, then they gave birth to my seeds
I beg for god's help, why they love hurtin me
I'm your disciple, a thug certainly
I'm the n the a to the s-i-r
If i wasn't i must've been escobar
Forty-five in my waist, starin at my reflection
In the mirror, sittin still in the chair like my conception
When everything around me got cloudy, the chair became a king's throne
My destiny found me
It was clear why the struggle was so painful
Metamorphosis, this is what i changed to
And god, i'm so thankful

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