Thinking Of You Lyrics


Microwave - Thinking Of You Lyrics

They raised their rusty hammers up in heaven around the base of God's great golden throne
And sculpted me the archetypal villain of all the children's stories I was told.
And I've been told.
Believe me I've been told.
There's been something about you I've never liked, something insincere about that look up in your eyes.
And I can tell that it's been hell that's keeping you alive,
but you ain't spoke a word for my entire fucking life.
So, I've been clenching my jaw, grinding my teeth up under my sheets. You're playing with me. (Pull, pull)
Oh God you've gotta calm my thoughts
with every Benzodiazepine and Elavil you've got and I'll rot
cause all your scripts won't fix the real cause.
It's you God.
And all the fucked up scare tactics you use on me. You got in my weak spots and you're sick,
you're playing with me.
I've got an angel that keeps me from thinking.
The hairs on her soft skin couch me, I'm sinking.

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