Electric Lyrics

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman - Electric Lyrics

These tears stain the wood
Like cups and condensation
I am bound to you
I cannot break the situation
He's every subject
Of every song
Like the wind carries
He moves me along
And the shadows I can't run from
They won't let me go
He's the ending of a story
That I'll never know

He's electric
Can't forget it
Yeah he's electric
Don't forget it

Sometimes he fills me up
Sometimes it's such a shock
This is more than I bargained for
More than I would have bought
You still look at me
With well acquainted eyes
As the memories come flooding back
In a field of butterflies

It's electric
Don't forget
Yeah it's electric
I can't forget it

I know there's hope in there
But I wanna walk away
He's says it's bright in there
Even in lighter shades of grey
And though it looks like rain
I'm not gonna cry
As the seasons are changing
In your heart
So will I
I will fly


Oh yes the seasons are changing
Ohh yes the seasons are changing
I'm burning up
I'm burning up
I'm electric

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