Covering The Sun Lyrics


Melechesh - Covering The Sun Lyrics

6. Covering The Sun

Order the wizard to cover the Sun
Raise the wand to conjure the one
Defining energy eclectic, electric
Establish the right of Sennacharib
Ruler of deserts, sea and the sky
Oracle of Dissidence
Forever intolerance
Master of pre-earthly dimension return
Exist in human morph to defeat this world
Sand king, gold strength unlike all what we have been before
Obscured legend lines hiding the truth of eternal... existence
Purifier of the stars, has a fire burning in his mind
On the edge of the mountain side he enters the dark gate
To the timeless dimension where secrets are forever kept
Assyrian king of kings, his name lives on and on
Master of pre-earthly times
Inducer of the concept of...
All... silence...

Enter the gate, guarded by the goat
Draw with blood his symbol on the stone
Beyond the cave was the temple under the dead sea
In the temple dwelled the syriac seed
Now the magic is free ...Arabian sorcery x2

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