Desperado - Live Lyrics

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper - Desperado - Live Lyrics

I'm a gambler
And I'm a runner
But you knew that
When you lay down

I'm a picture
Of ugly stories
I'm a killer
And I'm a clown

Step into the street by sundown
Step into your last goodbye
You're a target just by living
Twenty dollars will make you die

I wear lace
And I wear black leather
My hands are lightning upon my gun

My shots are clean
And my, my shots are final
My shots are deadly
And when it's done

You're as stiff as my smoking barrel
You're as dead as a desert night
You're a notch
And I'm a legend
You're at peace
And I must hide

Tell me where the hell I'm going
'Let my bones fall in the dust
Can't you hear that ghost that's calling
As my Colt begins to rust
In the dust

I'm a killer
I'm a clown
I'm a priest
That's gone to town

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