Brainwashed Lyrics

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet - Brainwashed Lyrics

This storm is very tough for me
It's hard for me to say
Literally got the feeling
That my mind's been ripped away
My face ain't in the mirror
And I can't hardly think
I'm sure the boys upstairs
Are putting something in my drink

I've been staged
I've been fished
I've been brainwashed
No, this ain't me
I've been gassed
I've been ripped off
I've been brainwashed
Woe is me


Why, why, why
Is there fire by head
Who, who, who
Is the author of the thread
Won't nobody help me
Can't nobody see
I'm a walking time bomb
And I tell you that ain't me

I've been hacked
I've been bled
I've been brainwashed
No that ain't me
I've been dosed
I've been accused
I've been brainwashed
Set me free, oh


I've been loved
I've been left
I've been brainwashed
No it ain't me
I've been stabbed
I've been brainwashed
Set me free, oh


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