Hood Star Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Feat. Lyfe Jennings

Three 6 Mafia Feat. Lyfe Jennings - Hood Star Lyrics

(feat. Lyfe Jennings)

Three 6 Mafia, Lyfe Jennings, goin down
Life is beautiful man
But niggaz don't respect niggaz, y'knahmsayin?
You help a man out just for him to dog you out
Niggaz don't appreciate shit, fuck 'em all!

So you crack this weed
It's respect that'll cost my nigga
Double back through the water if you cross a nigga
It's greasy at the top, don't fall off my nigga
And get lost my nigga
I'm a marijuana smokin, never been broken
I don't give a fuck about the po-lice, I'm a hood star!
Sixteen inches on my Impala
Daddy I'm a motherfuckin gangsta, ahh

These niggaz wanna be in my shoes, but they feet too small
They only yell so I turn to, just to see me fall
The new code in the streets, that's used by the phony
If you cain't beat him, just call the police on him
Or hate on him so bad try to turn the world against him
Go in the studio like a hoe make some bullshit and diss him
But none of that surprise me I done been through it all
17 years in the game, real game, DJ Paul
I done seen the real, I done seen the fake
I done seen fake bitches turn real to fake
Cause hateism is a disease, it's kinda like AIDS
They feed you shit for years, and then they send you to your grave

First I'm broke, so I hang out with the rat and roach
And still broke, cause I'm sleepin on apartment flo's
The hood struggle is to get it, got to make the change
See every dark is like the dark cloud full of rain
You wonder why niggaz high and they robbin folks
Ain't nuttin to tell you but to pack yo' heat and let it go
Them junkies get a fuckin kick, when they smoke a brick
I never seen a drug dealer ever call it quits
But get money (yessir~!) Make the block pop off
Niggaz snitchin man they heads will get chopped off
The feds tappin fool it's dangerous when you hood trappin
So don't get lost in the sauce slingin cold crack'n

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