Pyrex Pot Lyrics

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Pyrex Pot Lyrics

Gucci Mane (Gucci Mane)
Big Cat, Laflare (Big Cat, Laflare)
Let's get it (let's get it)

Half a brick in a pyrex pot
Tryin to make me a dope boy knot
Two pounds and I'm like real big
Stackin double see the nigga so big
I gots to get it, gots to get it, gots to run my money up

Uhhhhh! I'm goin on a Trap-A-Thon
Gucci Mane like Gotti I'm the Dapper Don
Uhhhhh! Hundred G's in my Gucci bag
So if you look at me wrong I'ma do yo' ass
Uhh, Gucci Mane, I'm the bread and butter
Run trap, sell crack, nigga spread your hustle
Uhh, pockets fatter than Oprah Winfrey
Gucci Mane I'm the baller of the fuckin century
Uhh, iced out like Babe an' them
I can sell mo' records than Shade an' them
Uhh, Gucci Mane youse a cocky fella
I make it rain so you better get'cha umba-rella
Uhh, and my watch is on another level
Clusters of diamonds and they brush together
Uhh, why you talkin so much shit?
Yo bitch, cause I'm so rich

Okay somethin white like Michael Jackson
Bust the shit out the rubber then I start to trappin
Gucci Mane got the lone ticket
Run stack for the midget nigga fuck with me, uhh
Shawty say he short a couple stacks
The diamond chain on my neck is doin jumpin jacks, uhh
Yo' money short like Spud Webb
Bend down nigga broke nigga need help, uhh
My money talkin like Dikembe
Gucci Mane I make a Friday out of Wednesday, uhh
Phone don't {?} C-D-S
Still makin moves, thuggin with S-Y-S, uhh
All my shows better be whippin up
J's keep the ash scrubs when we pick it up, uhh
And me and Cad in a Hum-Vee
Yellow diamonds got me lookin like a bumblebee, uhh

Gucci got a plug, for the square face
Got them quarter ki's, I call 'em chicken wangs
Got the gangster peas, I call 'em collard greens
We got them ex pills, we call 'em skitters mayne
Gucci on the grind, catch me at the spot
Got some cocaine jumpin out the damn pot
Get some cool water, it's too damn hot
All I want for Christmas is the dopeman knot
Hustle harder, be smarter
We gon' eat when I bring it out the water
36 O's, for the 17
Five for the drive, 17-5

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