Unity (Edit) Lyrics


Madball - Unity (Edit) Lyrics

Now - is the time for unity
Why - because it means a lot to me
We - can be strong once again
I've seen it before and I know we can
They - always tried to hold us down
We - are the ones who are still around
Why - because we fought for unity
That is something they don't wanna see
They'll always try but they can't hold me
There are many who have come and gone
I've seen the weak, I've seen the strong
But to those who are true, you know who you are
This is all about you and me, and our fight against society
Our time has come; we have to break free
Don't think that we believe your lies
We see the fear in your eyes
You can't change us so don't even try
It's time for us to make this last
We've learned our lessons from the past
I've seen it before and I know we can

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