Wontu Lyrics


Das EFX - Wontu Lyrics

(*You see, you can't back out on me now. This is the only place in town I
(*The question is...*)


Ah yeah, wontu (get busy nigga), word up
Ha ha (check check)


Gimme room to get this mic check
cos I'm about to wreck it one time for my peeps from the sewer
My sewer style run thru any slum crew tryin to get the wontu
checks, cos rippin dialects is what my tongue do
Best sold on a-nother slang son-a
Yo Krazy come and kick it like the (shit), well hear, I wanna!

(Krazy Drayzie)

Well here I be-a with the quickness, kid I'm wit this, I rip to swig my
Just because they think this be like leapin out my curses
Who's the next jerk to test the expert? You might regret it
I fry ya to a *? fricker?* seed cos if you see me, baby, be like curtains
I put the hurt ins on that body when I spark it
I'm super like the market when I'm bringin niggas' harkin


Yeah it's my man and me bringin more horrors than that gripplin Amity-
ville, still my crew be pullin bitches like Vanity
Six for kicks cos I write songs like I was lyrical
Straight from the bottom of the pit with the residue
If niggas wanna box with rhymes than ring the bellhops
Cos yo I got more lives than?


Aiyo well check it, it's my follow up so watch me swallow up these kids for
Boy I shock em when I rock em cos my crew be on a mission
Boy I swing it yes indeedy, I get more props than Speedy
Gonzalez, make more dollars than these niggas write graffiti
Boy I'm straight up, you're gettin ate up, that's how it go
Bring terror to your era so you better check my flow so



OK, I float just like some helium and stings like tobasco
The nice with mic skills ever since I had an afro
Aw shit, sometimes I get the notion when I'm rippin
to flow or slang, is it just to keep a nigga slippin
Think I ain't when I is or is it when I ain't
From subject to butter, kid my retoric is spank
It's no competition when I'm flixin with my diction
Oops flexin to the beat y'all, yes yes yes


I cross my heart and hope to spark up blood the size of marker
Some say I look like Books but, kids I be a tad bit darker
Ain't no jokin when I'm rhymin, I'm in effect so check my structure
I switch again, I'm in this bitch again see how I flucture
Wait, I'm great, ya niggas know who sent this
I be knockin out more teeth than your local family dentist
Boy, I'm dynamite, just peep the rhymer right, that gets me over
You better get'cha crew because the *? duke?* is when I grow up


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