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Richard Marx

Richard Marx - Nothing To Hide Lyrics

SUMMARY: Simone?s father dies. Isaac and his paintings are missing. Zach finds the videotape. Lyle watches the videotape and Claire has to convince him to keep her secret. Matt and Janice make up. Matt is on the verge of telling Janice his secret when he finds out that she?s had an affair with his ex-partner Tom. Peter crashes a "Petrelli brunch" and Nathan?s interview with the New York Journal. He also provides Nathan with an alibi for his Las Vegas one-night stand with Niki. Peter asks Nathan to help him get Isaac?s paintings from Linderman. Nathan gets the paintings and lies to Peter about it. He also tells Peter about being kidnapped. Peter doesn?t believe him. Thinking they?ve found Sylar, Matt and Audrey go after Ted Sprague and find him at his dying wife?s bedside. While on the run, DL and Micah encounter Hiro and Ando. DL and Hiro use their abilities independently, and together they save a woman in a burning car. Tina checks up on Niki and finds her scared and crying. Niki talks with Nathan who is too busy with hiding the affair to help her. She smashes the phone into the mirror and shatters it. Jessica takes over. Worried for her, Micah calls Niki only to have Jessica answer the phone. He tells Jessica where they are and Jessica makes plans to get her son back from DL.






NARRATOR: (v.o.) Previously on Heroes ...


NARRATOR: (v.o.) Ordinary people across the globe discover they have extraordinary abilities.

(Claire meets with Hank and Lisa.)

NARRATOR: (v.o.) The cheerleader sought her birth parents for answers.

(CUT TO: Video footage of Claire snapping her dislocated shoulder back into place.)

(CUT BACK TO: Claire meets with Hank and Lisa.)

LISA: (to Hank) She has your mouth and your nose, doesn?t she?

(CUT TO: Mr. Bennet watches the meeting from the den.)

NARRATOR: (v.o.) But was it real?


(Out front, Hank talks with Mr. Bennet.)

HANK: I think that went really well.

(Lisa remains quiet.)

HANK: If there?s anything else you need.

MR. BENNET: I?ll keep you posted.

NARRATOR: (v.o.) The cop who reads thoughts, used his abilities to save his marriage.

(Matt pours a glass of wine for Janice.)

(Janice is impressed.)

JANICE PARKMAN: Everything I could think of, you?ve thought of first.

NARRATOR: (v.o.) The single mother?s alter-ego revealed a deadly secret.

(Niki wakes up after being knocked out by Linderman?s thugs.)

(CUT TO: Jessica shushes Niki.)

JESSICA: Shhh---

(CUT TO: Niki and Jessica talk.)

JESSICA: What do you think DL is gonna do when he finds out what we?ve done?

NIKI: We?ve done?

JESSICA: We?ve framed him.


NARRATOR: (v.o.) And in a battle with her husband ?

(DL finds Niki with the suitcase of money.)

DL: I?m taking the money.

(Jessica makes an appearance.)

JESSICA: You?re not taking anything.

(She swings the suitcase and hits DL in the face. He flies across the room and smashes into the closet.)

(DL chokes Jessica. Jessica gasps for breath.)

(She falls to the floor.)

NARRATOR: (v.o.) -- lost her son.

SLOW MOTION: Micah runs toward his mom. DL grabs him.


NARRATOR: (v.o.) The brother who could fly fell in love with his patient?s daughter.

(Peter stands on the rooftop, his arms extended out from his body. He falls off the building.)


* Charles Deveaux is in bed.

* Peter and Simone talk.

(Peter tells Simone he?s quit his job.)

PETER: Everyone runs into each other sooner or later.

SIMONE: Maybe it?ll be sooner.

(CUT TO: Peter and Simone kiss under a red umbrella out in the pouring rain.)

NARRATOR: (v.o.) And is still uncertain of his powers.

(Peter opens his eyes and he?s in a trance.)


NARRATOR: (v.o.) And now, Heroes continues.






(Peter is reading the NEW YORK TELEGRAPH to Charles Deveaux. The paper shows the Weather section and

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