Epiphany Lyrics

Jill Scott

Jill Scott - Epiphany Lyrics

Watchin', watchin' as he took the holder off his shoulder
Fire in his eyes, hands gettin' bolder
Quiet, quiet, growin' excited
Dug him for his bank account but really for his private

Damn about a mindset, really wasn't into that
Needed me some pleasin', John lookin' real fat
Laid back was his foreplay
All that was needed, needed was some of that

Started simple, massagin' on my temple
Pinchin' on my mountain peaks, that a sister's into
I responded, “Mmm”

You like the sound, I like makin' it more
I fell for the rock and shore
Enough, he brought it close, so I could really see

Up close he slid between my
Sweaty with lust and sweat
Rode Mt. Saint Scott 'til ooh

Creamy lava landed on my skin and neck
Blended with my all day Chanel scent
This freakin' was incredulent, decadent

Flip side, stomach meets sheets
And he plows inside as if he's makin' beats
As if this year's harvest depended on it
Bendin' on it

Back on my back old fashioned is renewed
Red toenail polish on whitewalls
Documentin' this freakin', ah
I must remember to thank him later

No, no, no, no, no, no, I take charge of the ship
Movin' with my back and my hips like my ancestors did
Speakin' the Bantu, Ranga and Tonga
But I've gotta stop all that to make it longer

But it's too late, I put him to sleep
Curled all up, spasm all in his feet
Feelin' all proud like I did somethin' deep
It ain't really nothin', it's the way that it be
For a North Philly sister, reppin' hard like me

But why do I feel so empty?

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