Talkin' Shit Lyrics


Vietnom - Talkin' Shit Lyrics

It's corsese, yo and i'm back once again, i'm not your average man or everyday hooligan, i got style, charm and strength to harm any mc who trys to fuck with me.
It's n.o.m. from the school of hardknocks where the bitches carry blades and the niggaz tote glocks. dare, beware, bring the mutha fuken hardware, i know your scared, leave ya shittin in your underwear.
Past the point of no return i start to show my rage, all my life i've been locked down, the city is my cage.
You're a casulty of war from this dms tour, have you fiendin like a crack head beggin me for more.
Here i come son, so its ready or not, takin what ya got, blowing up the spot.
My crew runs the streets and my dogs are on the loose, your life's on the line punk, you know your gonna lose.
We're just kickin out some of the funk shit dms crew we ain't nothing ta fuck with x2
Once again back it's the incredible, unstopable, italian animal, i'm runnin with the hit squad, if you try to act hard we're gonna pull your card.
I'm a stone cold killah, i'm gonna fill ya head full of lead, your as good as fuken dead, half man-half gorilla, i'm the thriller, fuck ali, i punked his ass in manila.
Hard like deniro and pacino when i'm sippin on the vino, i'm lightin up the streets like pesci in casino.
When i roll through the hood i always hold my own i'm the king from queens never been dethroned.
I'm splittin phills and poppin pills, spendin hundred dollah bills, goodfellah lifestyle, down and dirty low profile.
We're just kickin out some of the funk shit dms crew we ain't nothing ta fuck with x2

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