Ball Forever Lyrics


Future - Ball Forever Lyrics

This for my niggas out there fuckin' up them sacks and gettin' em right back you hear me. (I see you fool)
Spend this lil money like it ain't nun

I'm a ball forever
Money to the ceiling
Ice in the Mediterranean Sea yeaaaah
Racks taller than the building
Spend them lil bands like they free
I'm a ball forever

I should've went pro
Order up the ones and let it go
I'm a ball forever
Worth a couple million on the low
This a public info you need to know
I'm a ball forever

I'm lookin' up the money swimmin' in them diamonds
Micro cord gold piece naw this ain't no timing
Throw it up in 'undred get right back out the pirate
I got bangs on bangs anytime perfect timing
Ballin' with no budget get a rental car from budget
Got the waitress at the pink pony ridin with the luggage
After this transaction come through star studded
Hell naw ion a star but my chain still flooded
I can make 20 bands off it and ion have to touch it
On my way to 5th plaza hit Gucci in a rush
Just done fucked them bangs up real nigga gettin money
Man you gotta stand up you know they can't tame us

I got NBA money, never be broke again
Canary yellow diamond hundred thousand I'm covered in
My whole entire already know what I'm dressin in
Went and bought the Burberry store hood nigga settin trends
My T-shirt Marc Jacob they imitate
So I freeband all my apparel I see ya later (freeband!)
Pluto you wanna bite the kid it's cool though
Killed a half a million dollar licking copped a two door
I'm outta here ain't gone never come to earth again
Ridin around city with the calculator gettin it in (Racks)
Fade away jump shot it ain't in a spin
Hit the club and throw it up nigga

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