HED Lyrics

(Həd) P.E.

(Həd) P.E. - HED Lyrics

Fuck you
Come on!

This lil trick went out to the club
This lil trick stayed home
This lil trick she's lookin for love
But this lil trik just wants to bone

I am so played out
When will it end
I wanted to make out
She wants to be friends
I'm so satanic
She is so born again

I need to hit that pussy
But she won't let me in

I seen them jeans when they first walked in
Sshhh don't say a thing
I can hear your pussy talkin

Me and you can do some serious fuckin
But I got a girlfriend and you got a boyfriend
So you and your litle boyfriend should just keep on walking
Cuz if that little man got a problem
This man knows how to solve em
Next time I see him at the 7-11
I'ma turn my skateboard into a deadly weapon

I roll up
On my Independents
And ask this slut
Who her big ass friend is
I can't olly
I can't drop in
But I'll skate to the liquor store and buy some gin

Give me that
hed hed hed
I need that
hed hed hed
I want that
hed hed hed
You need it
hed hed hed

Come on

This one's for my real punk rock homies
Fuck the whole world
Let the whole world blow me

Fuck you bitch
Fuck him
Fuck her
And if Mommy looks good I'ma be a motherfucker

I smoke the type of chronic that them white boys grow
and when I'm out on tour
They flex them crops at the show
Twenty years ago
They smoked Columbia gold
Today we pack a skunk in that Columbian fold

How many groupies wanna get backstage
and if it wasn't for groupies I'd probably never get laid
If it wasn't for hip-hop
I'd probably be dead or locked up in the pen or in the county jail

Moppin with my blues on
Mad as hell
But i'm out and getting more pussy than dykes in the dark
I smoke with DMX
And I crank with Linkin Park
I drive a stock Chevy
and shop at the Wallmart

hed hed hed
I need that
hed hed hed
I want that
hed hed hed
You need it
hed hed hed

Come on

Turn it up
It's about to go down
Lite it up
Take a puff
Pass it around
I don't givafuk
Fool fill my cup
I'ma fuck a dirty slut
I'ma drink and throw it up

Your band's not punk rock
It sounds like shit
How many tramps wanna suck my dick

You think you know me but you don't know shit
You get the black eye and the big fat lip
You get so mad
See me get high
If you so pissed
Go ahead and slit your wrists
Flick on your clitoris and pull on yours tits
and what not
I pull your pony tail
and find the spot

Come on

hed hed hed
I need that
hed hed hed
I want that
hed hed hed
You need it
hed hed hed

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