Stoned Immaculate Lyrics

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison - Stoned Immaculate Lyrics

I tell you this,
No eternal reward will forgive is now
For wasting the dawn.

Back in those days,
Everything was simpler and more confused.
One summer night, going to the pier,
I ran into two young girls.
The blonde was called Freedom,
The dark one, Enterprise.
We talked and they told me this story:

Now listen to this,
I'll tell you about Texas Radio and the Big Beat.
Soft driven slow and mad,
Like some new language.

Reaching your head
With the cold, sudden fury
Of a divine messenger.
Let me tell you about heartache
And the loss of god.
Wondering, wondering
In hopeless night.
Out here in the perimeter
There are no stars,
Out here we is stoned

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