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Brett Dennen - San Francisco Lyrics

Brett Dennen - San Francisco

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Go if you want to go
But I won?t follow
Just so you know
Leave if you need to leave
But I won?t be here
I wont be here when you come home

I?m gonna to move to San Francisco
Look up some old friends
I?m gonna get me a navy pea coat
And an old Mercedes Benz

This old town it keeps shrinking
There?s too many people in my junk
I?m gonna do a lot of drinking
Cause it don?t hurt when I?m drunk

I?m gonna rent me an old Victorian
Down in the Lower Haight
I?m gonna find me an old accordion
Play for the tourists on the golden gate

I?m gonna plant a garden
Paint my bathroom blue
I?m gonna try real hard
To get over you

Here in the city life doesn?t move so slow
There?s plenty of good people I know
Up in north beach they drink spicy Italian liqueur
Down on market there?s a lot of hobos and the hustlers

Down in Hayes Valley, there?s a lot of real good restaurants
Deep in the tenderloin you can get anything you want
Over in the mission it?s always a sunny day
It?s a real good baseball town but my team is across the bay

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