Famous For Nothing (Live) Lyrics

Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - Famous For Nothing (Live) Lyrics

The barrel fire's fading
My pals are disappearing
Another night is passing but I won't go
It's 2AM at townie
and things are going my way
Three buds, a glove and a foot of snow
There's two little shits
Selling joints on the hill
And the kids down the lots
Are burning cruisers for a thrill
See, we had each other
It was us against the world
Famous for nothing
Yeah, nothing was our world

Well these lie won't save me
Don't you know, don't you know
From the time that mad me
Here we go, here we go

The courts are filling up
All the kids are coming down
For a head start on the troubles
On a long night on the town
Yeah, thank God it's Saturday
And half my problems go away
Sure the big ones on the way
But I know how to handle them
9 to 3 on weekdays
On the hour Sundays
The good lord was calling me
But I wasn't up
For the convent to thue rectory
And over in the sacristy
It's a goddamn travest
And that's just my luck

Here we go!
Their gang went my way for basketball
My gang went their way for alcohol
When we met it wasn't pretty at all
Still the bells of St. Mary's kept ringing

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