Modern Music (Reprise) [Remastered] Lyrics

Be Bop Deluxe

Be Bop Deluxe - Modern Music (Reprise) [Remastered] Lyrics

Modern music on my radio
Another station and another show
If only I could let my feelings flow to you...
When you're lonely and you're far away
When those steel guitars begin to play
Please don't let them steal your heart away from me...

I hear the rhythm of the rain begin
A shining broadcast on the silver wind
Will you receive these programmes deep within your soul?
The moon is melting in the blazing sky
I hear the flames sing but I don't know why
I hope that only shadows see me cry for you...

I feel like I'm falling
The music is calling me away, leave today
You know that I'm needing all the love that I'm leaving
Here with you... a song for two...

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