A Year Ago Lyrics

Kenny G

Kenny G - A Year Ago Lyrics

one year ago
:lene marlin
:playing my game
she's walking there alone,
no one by her side
she manages to fight the tears,
but the pain inside
she can't hide
and all the tears she's cried
the moment she closes her eyes,
she starts thinking of you
the dreams that she had one time
have gone away
will they ever come true
all she needs is
all she needs is you
and she wishes today
was one year ago
when you cared so much for her
and loved her so
not a doubt in her mind
that it would still be you
cause the love that you shared
it was true
you never thought about it,
what you made her feel
you promised you'd stay together,
but the hope she once had
so unreal
all she needs is
all she needs is you
fade out

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