Bastard Child Lyrics

Master P

Master P - Bastard Child Lyrics


You abandoned P
Now he don't have no where to go
No where to go no where to go I guess I'll sell dope
No where to go no where to go I guess I'll sell dope

Verse 1

Giggety glock and I'm out there slanging cocaine
I guess its hard growing up without your family man
Mommy left him cause they always used to fuss and fight
I used to cry at night, hope that dad would act right
Tripping off my mommy, daddy started drinking gin
Dropped me off at my grandma house I ain't seen him since
Sometimes I don't need my grandma she don't mean no harm
Cause she got 12 kids to feed on her own
Now I'm stuck up in the ghetto with the hoodrats
Trying to get paid off the cluckers and the county check
10 years old and I'm out there slanging cocaine
No love from my family, just love from the game
No one to turn to so I'm out there slanging crack
Keeps the giggety giggety nine up in my booksack
And if I die today or tomorrow I guess I'm out of luck
A bastard child all alone so I'm stuck


Verse 2

A unwanted child a victim of the ghetto
Labeled as a lowlife, a go getter
An outcast looked down by the system g
A menace to society a brother without a family
And everytime I see a room without a damn ceiling
It remind me I was born in a abandoned building
Cause in the ghetto you gotta learn the dirty dance
In other words you gotta learn to throw them thangs
A snotty nose kid without no food to eat
My role models were the dealers?
Dripping wet you see my pamper leaking
But mama tripping cause she too busy out there tweeking
Our baby sitter was a tore up dope fiend
I almost died, drunk a whole bottle of chlorine
And when I think about my pass I don't crack a smile
Cause it hurt knowing I was a bastard child


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