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Sleigh Bells - Kids Lyrics

It was a wednesday
I got the kool-aid
I hear my diction
Talking to my baby
I wanna feel the ocean
Put on my sunset lotion
I see the sun glow
Water flow in slow motion
I got a beach chair
I see the blonde hair
Pick up my feet there
I feel the cool air
The breeze is nice now

I'll tell you right now
I sip my kool-aid
I'm feeling better now

Did I ever need a vacation?
Just need to get away for a while
Wait, did I forget my sunglasses?
Got 'em

I paint my nails pink
There in the sand dome
I hear the oh-so calling on the radio
I see a young boy
He on the upswing
He gets a nose bleed
I hear the girls sing
I hop on the water slide
Gotta get my swims on
I pull my straps up
I'll see your better slides
Oh no no no no no no no no

Talking about boys
Put the music on
I'll just start dancin'

Put up the sea shells
Lets make some new wishes
I chop the sea slugs
I chop the jelly fishes

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