Slang Blade Lyrics

Binary Star Feat. Senim Silla

Binary Star Feat. Senim Silla - Slang Blade Lyrics

How you feel, What the hell is this shit?
Reaching for the cover, turning up your deck
Who's blowing your cassette? Color me for suspect
Tan's what I am, tan rizzems what I rep
Rap fans bely we don't forgive or forget
Strapping down the mic, kamikaze rock the mic
Suicide, stage dive, it's gonna be a live night
Now just to be accurate, label me immaculate
Short fuse like monagues fuel capulets
Elaborate labyrinth, lavish pimp pattering
Rip, rude to ravishing, cabbage scavenging
from word babbling, babbling brook and words travelling
Like Miles Tattling, I'm kind of partial to battling
Haven't you heard, you got beef from a so cattle then
Hit the sunset saddling, rap Bronco
Compose on the console, making it feel better
Sunny to ill weather, I'm a all-season pro
All-terrain flow, shift five gears with four-by-four
On the go in the fast lane without reverse, I can't slow
No brakes, push the pedal to the metal
The Formula One devil
Heating up the treble, I rock like Prudential
Most cats is just Pebbles, when you want it live you can't
Compromise or settle, check my water level
My reservoir pours Great Lakes fifty States
And across seashores, the word spreads like pollen from spores
Like wisdom from folklores, my fans from tours
And those are just metaphores
For how I distribute to you and yours

Opening doors
We bum rush like a drug bust
Nickel and dime, now all is mine alumnus, illustrous, wondrous
Ominous in my Prime, call me Optimus Senim
Transforming slang on the fire maximize
Complete fumigation better jet for ventilation
Before you suffer from Senim inhalation
Air deprivation
Playing me for jolly, that's a dead man's folly
Or crippled probably
On the good ship, get popped for acting lolly
By the son of Bobby, bro how you like me now, like pulling a shotty
Pistol whip your head, now they throw your boys lobby
You'll be callin on the dolly
Senim's of the size of the kill with a slang blade
Some call it a kaiser
Equalizer blows your brains, expose your wiser
Now which bastard wants some acid
Corrosive chemicals casted
Spitting venom I mastered
Ran with dogs as rabid and rivers as rapid
Rapping five we don't tire
Do you desire to become cross-fire
Blow their gun-for-hire, Blazing Saddle esquire
Michigan, Michelin, my dogs will never tire.

(Scratch up 'Poison slang')

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