187 Proof, Part 1 Lyrics

Spice 1

Spice 1 - 187 Proof, Part 1 Lyrics

Coolin' on the corner with the cellular phone
You could tell that the East Bay was his home
More mail than the rest of the pushers
Cause he got a TEC-9 in the bushes
And that's how his shit was handled
First name Jack, last name Daniels
Had two boys named E and J
E had the nine and J the AK
Clocked on a street called Hennessy
Rivals with a motherfucker named Ol' E
E had a bitch and her name was Gin
Had a nigga named Juice doin' time in the pen
You couldn't tell that Gin was a bitch though
Cause she was fuckin' some nigga named Cisco
E and J knew tonight they'd come
With two fat niggas named Bacardi and Rum
They capped Jack's ho and the sight was scary
The bitch was all bloody and her name was Mary
Officer Martini wiped up the body
And all fingers pointed at Rum and Bacardi
E and J told Jack the whole tale
So Jack tried to bail Juice out the jail
But Ol' E had the judge on a payroll clout
So Jack shot the judge up and broke Juice out
Now everybody's talkin' 'bout Gin and Juice
Juice shot Gin cause the bitch was loose
Now E is shook thinkin' they ain't gonna get me
I'll round up the posse and call up Mickey
Mickey was big, he only sold eight balls
Had 99 niggas up against the wall
E and J found out he made the call
So E and J and Jack and Juice nined them all
They were sent to the morgue and Mickey paid the bill
Got the money from the bitch workin' Strawberry Hill
Jack and Juice said Mickey wouldn't survive
But Mickey was slick he had a Colt 45
And now he's wonderin' how he got the word
It was the neighborhood wino Thunderbird
You wonder how the murder rap got so much juice
It was 187 proof
Check it out!

Mickey sent St. Ides after Thunderbird
Time for the hurricane, E said word
Thunderbird in an alley way wearin' a beanie
Tryin' to get a sip from the cop Mr. Martini
St. Ides screwed off Thunderbird's top
Spilled his drink and gave a swig to the cop
But it's too late Martini knows it all
Mickey and his boy Ol' E were slingin' eight balls
Of cocaine to the strawberries on the hill
So when he asked for Juice he got a quick fill
Mickey had his boy on Bourbon block
The murderous cop killer Mr. Peppermint Schnapps
Mickey had this thing about nosy cops
And it made Mr. Peppermint lose his top
Martini off duty waitin' for the night train
Didn't know his wife Champagne would ever see him again
Peppermint Schnapps creepin' with the Colt 45
Gotta peel his cap 'fore the train arrives
Gotta stay Lowenbrau here comes the train
"All aboard!" said the engineers Bartles and Jaymes
There was a toot from the train and then a gun blast
Martini fell on the ground there was a big splash
Mr. Schnapps got up because the cops chased him
St. Ides and Mickey in a 'vette ready in front of the station
But you know Jack and Juice was undercover
And Jack was mad because Mickey shot his lover
There was big shootout and Mickey got juiced
He couldn't hang with the 187 proof
Juice is splattered and St. Ides had took a fall
And then Endo smoked 'em all
Check it out!

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