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Blue System

Blue System - Lucifer Lyrics

In room 66
The devil's playin' against me
At the end of the world
There's a place called a hell
On flight number 9
There's a smoke without fire
All we promised to sun
You lost underground
Let's sail alone

Don't shake hands
Oh baby don't shake hands with Lucifer
Take your chance
'cause baby all dreams will be crucified
Oh oh don't play with Lucifer
He'll catch you if you fall
Hear the voice from heaven
Don't play with Lucifer
Don't you hear'im call
Can't you see his raven

In room 66
He's fightin' with humans
A man without face
Try to win every race
On highway 62
At the end of the journey
Wanna solve mystery
Babe without key
Set my heart free

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