Hot Knives (Remastered) Lyrics

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes - Hot Knives (Remastered) Lyrics

The wife forgave the mistress for she only entertained
The pain was gone the instant she cleared her throat to speak her name
Said, "Both of us must suffer from the same unending ache"

The world was not of interest though her days were never dull
Her bed beneath a crucifix on guests performing miracles
With the son of God just hanging like a common criminal

When I do wrong
I am with God
She thought
When I feel lost
I am not
At all

So give me black light (give, give me)
So give me hot knives (deep, clean sleep)
On a dance floor no one tells time (there is no time)

Oh, I've made love
Yeah, I've been fucked
So what?
I'm a cartoon
You're a full moon
Let's stay up

She went to see a mystic who made medicine from rain
And gave up her existence to feel everything, dream others' dreams
Bid farewell to her family with one ecstatic wave (please take care I love you all)

Out the window
As the car rolled
She just vanished
Into a thick mist
Of change

So let us rejoice (Let's rejoice!)
In all this pink noise (Out, pink noise!)
An oscillation that we can pin point (We're right here!)

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