This Spiteful Snake Lyrics


Meshuggah - This Spiteful Snake Lyrics

Reality, this spiteful snake
Rearing its ugly head
Venom dripping from its grin
As it tosses yet another obstacle in our way

Given a thousand years to collect
To process, to portray
We could never encompass the voracity
Of one single day

Trapping us in its winding
It's closing malignant cycles
A tightening coil to bind us
Hold us tight in unforgiving embrace

Its all engulfing jaws, infinite, boundless
Biting down on the dying flesh of hope
Its fiery breath leveling, dismantling
Flattening, tearing down the structures of our dreams

Overcome, defeated
Terrified, shivering, mute
Reality is terror
This truth is absolute

Reality, this spiteful snake
Shedding its smothering veil
A shroud to asphyxiate
Exterminate, eradicate

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