Razor Burn Lyrics


Lagwagon - Razor Burn Lyrics

She broke up with me,
Two days later...
I think she met Don Juan in Italy,
She has a new man,
I have a new mustache.

Now all my friends are gonna call me mountain man,
And everyone will think that I'm a stupid drifter
To walk the earth alone,
I'll never shave again.

On the night she left me,
Facial hair grew miraculously,
I dressed in black like Johnny Cash,
And grew this beard of shame.

I've heard it said she looks a lot like Sherilyn Fenn,
And some times i'm mistaken for Billy Gibbons,
Look like a wise man, but I'm an idiot.

It's over,
She left me,
And she will soon forget me,
She found out I was lame,
I grew a beard of shame.

Come all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant,
I am a new man,
I have a beard of shame.

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