Block Of Rock Lyrics

South Park Mexican

South Park Mexican - Block Of Rock Lyrics

Yo yo, I wanna welcome, welcome everybody to HustleTown.
We... Are we recordin'?
Alright let's do this fellas.

For years I've been workin' on the Block of Rock

For years homeboy, for years...

Now if you want to battle me then it's on
I'm blowed while I'm creepin' up whip out my Tek so now you gone.
You shouldn't have tried that set up now your ass is gettin' wet up
'Cause real G's from the South East will leave you haters tryin' to get up
You'll definitely get dealt with if your bitch ass has a death wish
& on your grave I tag it's the muthafuckin' Rick that you don't mess with
So let me keep stressin' that lesson to all y'all players & y'all haters
Haters keep watchin' y'all back & y'all players keep creepin' & stackin' that paper.

Now Now why do these haters wanna plex?
Why do they wanna be startin' mess?
Get the fuck out my face is what I suggest
'Cause I really don't think that you wanna test this Mex
Comin' straight out the South East side of that Tex
So if there's somethin' you gotta get off your chest
It's best that you don't express it.
It's hard enough for a Mexican
So I really don't need all that plexin'
There's all kinds of player haters out there so please wait let me tell you about those.
First you got them fraud ass hoes
Then you got them fraud popo's
Then you got them fraud ass niggas in the streets who just wanna plex & take yours.

For years I've been workin' on the Block of Rock

For years nigga, for years...

Guess who's back from the pen
Out to win, Sippin' Gin with my kinfolk
Got's the grin on my face when I come through
If you ain't down with these G's muthafuck you
'Cause there's a straight up struggle in my barrio
2nd Ward gettin' high on the patio
& when I'm wet I'm a threat to a rival set
I get respect when I step with my new Tek
Don't sweat I check hoes daily
On the regular talkin' to your lady
On the cellular creepin' on the Lowride
In the middle of the night with no lights
In the .45 chillin' at the Dope House
Low G. is somethin' you don't know about
Little tricks on my dick 24 7
Treat them like a bitch & still got them hoes beggin'.
Keep it real for my people, I fear no evil
Stayin' high 'til I die flyin' like a eagle.

& as you know.

For years I've been workin' on the Block of Rock

For years homeboy, for years...

You superficial talkin' 'about life with a pistol
But you's a hoe livin' clean as a whistle
My missles, oh they do leave body dimples
Attack your whole staff like a pack full of pitballs.
You simple, I'm complex
& comin' on next, Oh take a wild guess
The South Park Mex
Spark sess blow smoke in the darkness
You don't wanna start mess with the heartless
My GM shine brighter than the golden arches
Shootin' star yes, Ol' trick no blow indo
Before they kick door, Then flip coke
Tip-toe to the top
Tellin' thug tales of wicked love spells
Hoes & drug sales, Some fell
In fact it's most
So a toast to my niggas who died in the smoke.

For years I've been workin' on the Block of Rock

H-Town, HustleTown, Did this for y'all, My boy Low-G.
We got love for every neighborhood is this world. No Sett Trippin'.

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