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While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps - Crows Lyrics

I have seen the tides change course,
without a warning, without the winds or the waves.
She will empty the graves because we are all the same.
I'm reaching out to you, so you could all be saved.
Give me your hands.
This is the end.
We're all gonna fucking drown.
Let's make a change now.

These black clouds above your head,
won't turn white until your dead.
I live this life with no regrets.
I live and I learn, I forgive and forget.
We'll rise against this.
We will rise one more time.

I'll fly with a murder of crows.
I'll swim were the ocean has chose.
But Rome wasn't built in a day.
To Heaven or to Hell only time will tell.
Through the sun into the grey.
I will fight before I pray.

Give me your hands, this is the end.
All will be gone.
What happens tonight echoes through eternity.

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