Candy Floss Lyrics

Alex Day

Alex Day - Candy Floss Lyrics

We ran through the rain together
You said I looked nice, I said you looked pretty
You held my hand, you pulled me close
And whispered "take me home"

We turned around as fast as we could
And jumped on the very next train
I said "I love you more than life"
You said "I feel the same"

And we talked about nothing forever
You spoke to the walls, they told you a story
The world spun underneath our feet
As we shut our exhausted eyes

We wrote our names in a heart on the sand
And saw the sea wash it away
I said "I want you in my life"
She said "okay"

She was gonna go, but I said "no, I don't think so"
She looked at me, she smiled at me
And now I'll tell you what she said:

"Do you like candy floss?"
I said "yeah, it's alright"
She said "take me to a fun fair and we'll eat candy floss tonight"

And we spun on the teacups
Round and round and round until we felt dizzy
You asked me to win you a bear
And said it was fine when I failed
(And we all know those things are rigged anyway.)

You and me, spinning through the trees 'till our faces were blue
I'll always be that little boy sharing candy floss with you

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