Sister Stories (Skit) Lyrics


Ashanti - Sister Stories (Skit) Lyrics

(Shi Shi) Shany!!
(Ashanti:) What?
(Shi Shi)Tell me why I think Shawn went out wit another chick last night
(Ashanti)Oooh noo he didn't!
(Ashanti and Shi Shi) (Laughing)
(Ashanti) You know what that reminds me of?
(Shi Shi)What?
(Ashanti)Remember that song, um
(Ashanti and Shi Shi)
Did you think about us

When you went out last night
Kissed me goodbye and then you went to find her
But that's alright cause your game ain't tight
Found out all your lies
(Ashanti: (Shi Shi)
Did You, Did You (Oh yeah)
GooodByyyye! (Oh yeah yeah)
Found out all your liiiiiiiesss OooooooOhOh Ohoohoh
(Ashanti and Shi Shi)(Laughter)

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