Showdown Lyrics

Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson - Showdown Lyrics

Well there's crying in the kitchen and there's fighting in the street
And there's cocaine in the schoolyard yet my heart don't miss a beat
And the preacher's on the telly and he's handing me the phone
Got an ulcer in his belly and a torment in his soul
He can't let go - oh he can't let go

Everybody wants a contribution, telling me they've got the best solution
No one wants the carousel to slow down, seems to me we're heading for a showdown

And there's poison in the water and there's holes up in the sky
And the children keep on asking "Is the planet going to die?"
You must let go - oh you must let go

Got to get fired - it's going to get hot
We got to take it higher, give it everything you got
oh - oh, you never know, oh way to go

Everybody's talking revolution, politicians offer no solution
No one seems to want to face the lowdown
Seems to me we're heading for a showdown'

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