Hopeless Lyrics

Ludacris Feat. Trick Daddy

Ludacris Feat. Trick Daddy - Hopeless Lyrics

feat. Trick Daddy

Ooh..You feel that
As I take you to them dirt roads deep down in your southern roots
Where nobody said life was gon be easy
And we travel through this emotional rollercoaster called life
and we have our ups and downs
Just keep in mind, when you hit rock bottom
There ain't nowhere to go but up baby
Just all about how you deal with it, ya feel me
Listen here

When life seems hopeless
It make a nigga lose focus
Empty beer bottles and roaches
[Helps to get it off my chest
Cause I'm so stressed
And all I hear is] FUCK THE WORLD

Man, ever since life's been a gamble, my lifes been in shambles
Double-edge swords burning both sides of the candle
But Chris, you can't handle the truth
Don't wanna face reality
So lower than accept my apology
Please like when police say freeze
And I ain't do shit but I'm down on my knees
Its a crooked system but gin straight take the pain away
I charge the game and put my problems on layaway
A black man but I feel so blue
So I smoke green and purple til my dreams come true
And my eyes turn red, the sky turns grey
Children slangin white in the hood, we call it yay
Drinkin' Ol' Gold down my yellow brick road
Where we write my script until my storys been told
See, I got a little money and my lifes been up
Now I'm fallen and I can't get up

I had a dream about a dope fiend
And its strange cause he get a bentley right away
seem to get just for bout anything
Pure survival, I want to talk with him
He said he was too busy for that but I was more than willing the walk with him
So as we walked, he talked and I just listened
He said theres a big difference between crackers and niggaz
And he said white folks look out for the white folks
But uhh...black folks blame other black folks when there ain't enough black folks
But yo...to make a long story short
We need to pay more attention and do things thats way more convincing
He told me you know, I wouldn't say something that wasn't worth it
And I damn sure wouldn't waste my time tellin you something that'll hurt you
Its your fault for anything if you done stand for something thats for certain
But niggaz don't be listenin and that shit be hurtin
Not all of us but some of us
And if we don't hurry up, they gon bury each and every life of us

Sometimes I can't deal with my daily issues just being sober
Lifes a bitch and I can't control her
I wish I could and sometimes to cry on we need a shoulder
The government stand us up to run us over
And in the hood, they don't seem to understand, god damn
What's really got me wondering if this part of the bigger plan
Man I smell something fishy going on
Its way beyond blowing away the smoke from all of swishas going on
There ain't much that I can do about it no
But preach the word, tell my peoples spend your money wisely yup
Don't be absurd by somethings that are fishy Like what
Like at home, wake up and open your eyes to what the fuck is going on
Cause they constantly getting rid of us yup
One by one, whether its drugs or diseases or its gun by gun
I ain't no saint either, I feel I'm even doing wrong
By using whats in this chorus to get through this song

You know, y'all gonna mess around and keep on complaining
Bout slavery and umm that was over 40-50 years ago, you know
Black folks need to move on
no stay strong and umm, y'all keep playing with us crackers
They gonna have your ass somewhat tied up, wired up
Of the backroads of South Florida, Georgia you know
And they make it so God can't do nothing for you
Can a church get an Amen
God for the thugs too

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