Love Thing (Live) Lyrics


Bratmobile - Love Thing (Live) Lyrics

Admit it- innocent little girls
Turn you on don't they?
You like to make them cry
You ike to tell them why
You like to grow them up
Swallow hard + throw them up
I would die to hate you
See my heart in my hand
Do you really understand
Get my heart of yer hand
Get yer hand ofl my heart
I would die to hate you
But it's a LOVE thing
You say you got this LOVE thing
You think it's just a LOVE thing
Fuck yer fuckin LOVE thing
By the way, yer bright eyes are not so encouraging
You want my youth so bad
You love to see me sad
All the sunlight that you say
Can never make it go away
I wouid DIE to not care anymore.

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