Cheyenne Anthem (Ending) [Live] Lyrics


Kansas - Cheyenne Anthem (Ending) [Live] Lyrics

From the mountains to the sun
Life has only just begun
We wed this land and pledged
Our souls to meet it's end

Life has only just begun
Here my people roam the earth
In the kingdom of our birth
Where the dust of all our horses hides the sun
We are mighty on the earth, on the earth

You have come to move me
Take me from my ancient home
Land of my fathers I can't leave you now
We will share it with you
No man owns this earth we're on

Now the wheels are rolling
Hear the howling winds of war
It's my destiny to fight and die
But is there no solution
Can we find no other way, Lord, let me stay

Under the endless sky
And the earth below
Here I was born to live
And I will never go, oh no

But we cannot endure
Like the earth and the mountains
Life is not ours to keep
For a new sun is rising

Soon these days shall pass away
For our freedom we must pay
All our words and deeds are carried on the wind
In the ground our bodies lay, here we'll stay

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