Wrecking Ball Lyrics

Gary Allan

Gary Allan - Wrecking Ball Lyrics

I shoulda known when I caught the glance
That girl just wasn't no count
I shoulda run but she started to dance
That's when the money ran out

Well, she's a heartbreaker, I'm a mess
She's a tornado, I'm a trailer house, that girl's a hurricane in a dress

And she blows into town, loves me up and down
Just to watch me fall
She picks me up and then knocks me down again
I'm a wreck y'all, she's a wreckin' ball

She makes it easy to come down hard
She got me all tore up
I'm just a sucker with a stupid heart
Who can't get enough

Well, she's a heartbreaker, hell on wheels
She's a bulldozer, I'm just in the way of a steamroller in heels

And she's a heartbreaker, I'm a mess

I'm a wreck y'all
Better watch out for that wreckin' ball
Whoa, I'm mess
She's a wreckin' ball

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Gary Allan - Wrecking Ball