Odd Ball Lyrics

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Odd Ball Lyrics

It's Guwop!

Oddball, oddball
Baby girl you know that you's an oddball
Fuck with you you know that I'm an oddball
VVS' in my ears are golf balls (bling bling!)
Oddball, oddball
My money getting so old I need some moth balls
My motor's in my trunk I drive a weird car
I'm a trap star I'm labeled as an odd ball
Oddball, oddball
Body suit on like catwoman she know she ...?
And her booty so big it's hard to take her pants off
She an oddball she know that I'm an oddball

Ain't it odd that I drive a Dodge I'm in love with Dodge
Got a Challenger and Charger and I'ma need a charge
For my Lamb and my green Ferrari and I missed a top
And her hips look like Nicki Minaj, smoke blunts with my Glock
Hickory Dickory, special delivery
A box full of currency it's Gucci I'm mailing me!
Allegedly I buy Ferraris and special accessories
No interior decorator but I got curtains in my Bentley jeep

... in a Beemer
Odd ball with the lean-a
In a red two seater
On the pedal is a creature
Smoking thousand dollar reefer
... diamonds should be illegal
Freddy hit my phone, sent a hundred thousand Keishas
Quarter million dollars on an all orange Fisker
Body suit, catwoman, I had to go fishing
Somebody girl finna end up missing
Mean mugging us cause his bitch want pictures!

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