Trouble Lyrics

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet - Trouble Lyrics

Get your back against the wall
Put your hands up, Mister Small
I am here to set you straight
I don't have time to argue your way

Oh, give you one more chance
To get yourself off
Oh, give you one more chance
To tell me why you came

You're trouble
Just trouble

So now you're beating to my drum
What's wrong? Sweet pea, cats got your tongue
The more I begin to understand
The more I find you're such a bad man

Oh, give you one more chance
To come clean to me
Oh, give me one more chance
To orchestrate a plan

You're trouble
Just trouble

Oh, you have too much fun
Breaking all the wounds
Oh, maybe so much fun
I just might break them too

You're trouble
Ooh, just trouble
Ooh, you're trouble
Ooh, just trouble

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