The Prophet Lyrics


Soulfly - The Prophet Lyrics

Time has arrived, we see all the signs
Revolution now is the time
Revelation soon to arise
Tribulation means it's the time
Send out the soldiers,
their shield is their souls
Revolution coming unfold
Revelation coming untold
The prophet born to the world

Life, I know our life goes way out beyond
I leave you fire to carry on
Salvation coming to those
With the most high in their souls

Here comes the prophet
(time has arrived)
The prophet
Here comes the prophet
(time has arrived)

Rise above and beyond the sky
You know that we got to fight
The struggle to survive
Fuck you, this is my life

Um, dois, tre^is, quatro

The prophet - mais forte do que a morte (stronger than death)
The prophet - stronger than it all
The prophet (tribal)

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