Cut-Throat - Live Lyrics


Sepultura - Cut-Throat - Live Lyrics

Telling lies right into your face
Grab your soul and make a disgrace
Make you believe you're bigger than life
No one cares if you'll live or die

Waiting for the moment to strike
To take possession to take your heart
Turn your part into a farse
Without respect, without regret

Cut-thoat - cut-throat
Cut-thoat - cut-throat

You promess this and promis all
Deep inside nothin at all
In a war of filth and greed
We don't need none of this shit

All I say that will survive
We know what's true, we know what's right
We're going through this till the end
And I know you're not my friend

Cut-thoat - cut-throat
Cut-thoat - cut-throat

To give in - no fucking way
To give in - no way

So don't tell us it can't be done
Putting down what you don't know
Money isn't our god
Integrity will free our soul

Enslavement pathetic
Ignorant corporations

Cut-throat - cut-throat
Cut-thoat - cut-throat

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