Change The World (Live) Lyrics

DJ Bobo

DJ Bobo - Change The World (Live) Lyrics

Together we'll change the world
This is our destiny
And make it a better place
In peace and harmony
Together we'll change the world
Can be reality
And then we gonna, make it right
And stop the misery

All the people in every nation
Now we gonna rise above
All the problems and frustration
Now stand up and say enough

Rap 1:
You can call me a dreamer, I guess I'm a believer
I believe we can change the world one day
Anyway, sooner or later, we're natures creator
We wanna live in peace, stop to run away
Open your mind, the view doesn't get clearer
This is your time, don't let nobody stop ya
Here is your destiny, holding your hand

Let's call it a friend

Rap bridge:
Everybody stand up, up
We can make things better, better
Everybody for peace, peace
Come on let's change the world

Let's change the world - together we are strong
Let's change the world - we know what's going on
Let's change it all - the world is in our hands
We all need peace, we all need hope
Let us change the world

Rap 2:
Stop, step back don't let somebody play the game
Scream it loud, we don't want no black rain
No pain anymore in human history
I'm talking about a world, full of melody
My life keeps on running, - just faster and faster
I pray for a wind of change, don't want that disaster
Fighting with spirit, - for everyone, for you and me
This world is my place to be

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